At the moment I am on a homeopathic journey since March 2021 that incorporates not only physical medicine but the energetic and soul. This medicine is called Staphisagria and is used for people who are “just fed up”, who suppress their anger and emotions, who lost their honor in some way or another and accept too much bad behavior from their environment. Also, it helps to get out of a toxic, obsessive relationship and to get out of the victimhood mentality. A feeling of not being able to defend oneself and losing one’s protective armor.

I had my period over the weekend and I used some of the blood to connect with deeper incarnation layers. I felt a huge rage inside of me, a desire for revenge that was triggered by a sense of huge betrayal. The emotions were pretty intense, I screamed into a pillow, cleaned my flat had to listen to one part inside of me that was ready to kill for my honor. I could see a scenery with my ex-partner who slept with another woman and then this samurai /assassin figure came into the scenery to end their lives. That was such an intense vision I had to get it out into my sketchbook and be with it. I then connected with the samurai who could not stand me being heartbroken and avenge my heartbreak and my lost honor. It feels like connecting with a former lifetime where this might have happened and therefore I added him to my reincarnation piece. I have a feeling there will be a few layers until my reincarnation session to reveal and release old energies.

Fascinating, scary, and liberating at the same time.

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