So I went to have a little funeral for my past relationship, had a little card box coffin with the heart, ashes, and tears inside. I painted on top a Yoni as a symbol for a new beginning, a healing portal to release the old. 

I drove to a favorite spot in Cologne to a bridge that holds a lot of heart locks as a symbol for forever love. I always thought that this idea of love is absurd cause love has to be free without any strings attached. Standing on the bridge I threw the little coffin into the water and it went with the current of the river rhine downstream. 

 I drove a little bit further so I might be able to see the box floating in the water but it was gone by then. Sadness was rising inside of me but it did not take long until green canary birds were flying nearby me. I could see in these swarms the dragon energy always reminding me: I am never alone and spirit is nearby to comfort and to cheer me up. 

I drove down the shore remembering old places with my partner but it felt heavy and nearly impossible to drive into where he is living and as if the river rhine spoke to me „ always go with the lifestream, the flow, not against it“ and that moment I realized whenever I was at his place it was going against my lifestream. All these insights are comforting and healing this relationship in many ways right now. 

I brought the canary energy to the canvas today flowing through the blueprint symbols, embracing and opening up old structures that are no longer serving. I am growing into a new identity that feels more free, supported, and hopeful than ever before 

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