Lovely To Meet You! I'm Nina 

Have you ever asked yourself ...

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions: how can I build a deep connection with my body and feel safe in my skin? How can I create the clarity to make good decisions based on my body intuition? How can I establish more joy, sensuality, and creativity in my life? These were some of the questions I had more than 10 years ago.

What’s the story Morning Glory? 

My biggest dream as a child was to become a full-time artist. I was a shy and highly sensitive kid who loved painting, drawing, crafting, and being in this magical creative flow all day. After seeing the musical brochure of "Cats" I knew I wanted to become a stage/costume designer. I was highly dedicated to this career, graduated in London, and started to work in this area. My life seemed perfect but the inside world was empty, sad lonely, and depressed. From one day to another my whole world collapsed when I had a major life crisis before I turned 30 and I had to make a radical shift and go on an inner-outer journey and I struggled with a burn-out syndrome, depression and nightmares.  From one day to another my whole world collapsed in a blink of an eye and I had to make a complete U-turn and going deep inside of me and back to my roots.

Australian ups and downs

Traveling through Australia with my sister helped me to explore who am I besides my false identity and low self-confidence. I started Yoga and learned to ground myself and how this could help me to conquer my anxieties and panic attacks.  Since then I took many healing classes in person and online but the most profound impact that I had was in SoulArt ® and in Yoga classes so I became a teacher in both. I started my SoulArt ® journey officially in 2016 with my mentor Laura Hollick who invented this method over 20 years ago in Canada. SoulArt in combination with yoga helped me to gain access to my body where all information and energy is stored from my past.

My favorite life changing hacks

Various tools like Hatha Yoga, Radical Allowance, and SoulArt® helped me to express my suppressed emotions and traumas during difficult times in my life. Until today I practice observing everything that is inside of me and creatively expressing this with SoulArt®. I kept learning to decode my body messages and following my intuitive guidance radically. What felt strange first became normal and my way of living. The inner struggle of mind over heart becomes less and less and I will be a lifelong learner of the inner landscape. By doing so I am embodying my spirit each day more and more and I become the person I was born to be. 

What I really want for women around the world 

I believe that nothing is more exciting and sexy than seeing women being empowered, feeling and stating their truth, and walking their aligned path no matter what. I want to see women thriving in their pure divine essence and being role models for generations to come. I believe that our beloved ancestors did their very best in living up to this very moment that enables you to read these lines. I have the vision of women embodying their essence and create a wonderful and amazing life on their own terms. I believe that women understand the importance of connection and trust in their bodies and they start to play with their inner landscapes. I believe that women can become their own life hackers. 

Are You ready for a "Deep Dive" journey?
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